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Our Services

Wood restoration
Woodtech offers the finest in wood restoration services either as a one time service or as regularly scheduled maintenance. We inspect every surface and after cleaning to remove soil and grime, we remove light scratches then fill deeper ones and gouges with epoxy. Finally, we stain and finish the repair to match the surrounding wood. This process will return your doors, elevator cabs, lobby paneling, handrails, furniture trim, and more, to like new condition. Often surfaces that might appear to need refinishing can be restored at a fraction of the cost. Our touch up artists have many years of experience and are the best in the field. Call to see how they can keep your wood looking like new

Conference tables and furniture
White spots and light scratches will be removed with a high speed buffer and abrasive compounds which bring back the luster the surface had when new. Deep scratches and gouges will be addressed as described under “Wood restoration” above. Some minor repairs such as door alignment, hardware replacement, leveling, etc is also available

When the finish is too far gone to restore, or you want to change the color, refinishing will return it to like new at a fraction of the cost of replacement. We strip all the finish from the surface then sand smooth and make any necessary repairs. Then after sealing the surface we stain to your choice of color and finish by spraying four coats of pre-catalyzed lacquer, sanding between coats to ensure a factory smooth surface which will provide many years of attractive service. Exterior teak benches loose their beauty rapidly. Woodtech can refinish them with a process that restores the beauty of the wood while providing years of attractive service. See photo gallery.
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