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What kind of services does Woodtech offer?
Wood restoration (touch up) either one time or contract maintenance service. Door, paneling, elevator cab, conference table and furniture refinish or repairs
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What is wood restoration?
Wood restoration involves cleaning the surface of soils or other contaminates. Then light scratches are removed using a scratch remover/polish. Remaining scratches, gouges and voids will be filled with epoxy, then stained and finished to match the surrounding wood. Scratches too shallow to fill will be stained and finished to match the surrounding wood. Light areas where the finish has been removed can be colored in or refinished depending on the severity of the damage and the condition of the remaining finish.
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What can be done about white spots from water or heat?
White spots can usually be removed from conference tables, credenzas, and other furniture. Refinishing is not normally necessary. See our photo gallery for before and after photos of white spot removal.
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Can broken or missing veneer be repaired?
Missing veneer will be filled with epoxy then stained and finished to match the surrounding wood. Once the grain has been replaced, the repair will not be noticeable.
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What about dull, hazy, or streaked areas?
The Woodtech reconditioning process removes the dull, streaked, or spotted appearance and make the finish look like new again.
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Can work be done on site or can it be removed?
Yes, many jobs can be done on site, and Yes we have a shop where we can refinish items when necessary.
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Will I have to close down the work area?
No. Woodtech knows your office is a work area for your tenants and their clients. We will always leave the area clean and presentable during work hours.
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When paneling or elevator cabs have cracking in the finish what can be done?
If the cracking is only in the finish surface, the restoration process will remove it and restore the like new appearance. If the cracks are all the way through the finish and restoration will not remove them, then the surface can be refinished. Our representative can evaluate your finish and recommend the appropriate course of action.
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What does refinishing involve?
Woodtech will remove all the finish, down to bare wood, then sand and make any necessary repairs. The wood is then sealed, stained to your color choice, and finished by spraying four coats of finish, sanding between coats to insure a factory smooth finish.
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How do I know if I need refinishing or restoration?
Many customers think they need refinishing when in fact restoration or buffing will return the finish to like new, at a much lower price. Contact us and we will send a representative to evaluate the condition of your wood and make recommendations.
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How can I contact Woodtech?
Our office phone is 770-513-0461, or you can e-mail us at tom@woodtechltd.com.
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